Laser treatment of Macular Degeneration

Thermal Photocoagulation laser surgery is used to treat wet AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration).

Have you begun to observe dim, undulating, indistinct or hazy central vision pictures? This deterioration of vision might not just be eye aging. You may have AMD age-related macular degeneration.

Macular Degeneration is in fact an unalterable eye condition. It arises out of the continual worsening of the central retina macula, which affects your central sight. AMD damages cells in your eyes and after they are destructed, you are deprived of the capacity to see minutiae. Nevertheless, it does not damage your peripheral eyesight, nor does your eyesight go absolutely dim. You will still have the ability to view light, activity and contours. There are ways to preserve your eyesight before it gets that bad.

There are some reasons that have been realized to be associated with AMD are advancing years, genetic heritage, nicotine addiction, diet, time in the sun and hypertension. The only reason that is the most in your hands is diet. Partaking of the correct fare may aid in reducing your risk of contracting macular degeneration.


AMD is categorize into two types, wet and dry. Wet neurovascular AMD forms when capillaries keep developing to aid the blood flow to the retinal tissue which is extremely oxygen-deprived. The blood vessels that are born are extremely frail and easily fracture. This effects harm and bleeding in the tissue.

Thermal laser photocoagulation surgery is effective in only one on four wet AMD cases and while not curing the eye disease, it sometimes slow down further loss of vision.


Wet AMD is far more problematic than dry AMD. The dry variety non-neurovascular is a lot more frequent and is distinguished by lessening of pigment in the retina.

Laser treatment are not used to treat dry AMD due to the risk of it developing into a wet AMD.

Depending on the medical patient, AMD doesn’t cause the same amount of vision loss and it is hard to predict whether laser surgery will be good or harmful.

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