Varicose veins laser treatment process

The scientific name for this technique is endovenous laser therapy. The laser utilized is very sharp and sends a very controlled quantity of laser energy. The doctor will insert a very small thin optical fiber into your thigh (very small tube called a catheter). Despite the fact that your varicose vein can be seen in your lower leg area the actual cause of the issue is almost always a problematic valve in your upper leg.

After the laser is neatly positioned in your upper leg, the doctor will start the laser. The warmth from the laser will cause the blood in that area of the vein to clot and close the diseased vein. This will cause the whole vein from there down down to your lower leg to shrink and be absorbed into your body. The amount of veins in your legs is so large that the loss of one varicose vein isn’t a problem for your circulatory system. In fact, the blood that generally would have gone through the varicose vein will now flow through the other healthier veins.

This laser treatment is established to have 96 percent success rate at taking care of the issue with a diseased varicose vein. So there is still a possibility that you may have to undergo the old surgery vein removal procedure. But the probabilities of fixing a diseased varicose vein problem expeditiously and with ease with laser technology are much better than ever before.

Possible side effects are only slight bruising.

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