Surgical treatments vs Laser Treatment

New laser techniques compared the traditional surgical method.

Treatments of varicose veins traditionally used to involve going to the hospital, removing the varicose vein surgically and swallowed by a protracted recovery period. It can make you shudder just thinking about it. These days, however, utilizing the cutting edge laser treatment technologies, in a majority of cases, much of this primitive surgical procedure can be a thing of the past.

The benefits of this cutting edge laser treatment of varicose veins are many. There is very little preparation work necessary at all. It’s possible to do as an outpatient procedure and generally takes less than one hour start to finish.

The previous surgical procedure frequently took 4 to 6 hours or more. Total anesthesia for the laser treatment isn’t necessary and there is only a small amount of pain. When the procedure is finished there is no scarring at all. The cut to insert the laser is so minuscule that stitches are not necessary. As soon as the doctor is done with the laser procedure, there is barely any recovery period whatsoever.

Vigorous physical activity is usually discouraged for the 1st day or two following the laser treatment but usually you leave the outpatient facility and resume your usual daily endeavors without pause. There may be a little bit of tenderness and minor itching and for a week or so after the procedure but not enough to circumscribe your daily activities. Occasionally you might have to return for a 2nd or third follow-up laser procedure to obtain complete resolution of the vein problem. Certainly that might vary from individual to individual.

Endovenous Techniques

These techniques have been a huge breakthrough for treating the deeper the saphenous varicose veins of the legs. This treatment is not so invasive and may also be  done in your doctor’s office.

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